Mission Statement


How many times have you purchased a piece of equipment and tried to figure out how it works only to be completely frustrated? then going back to where you bought it and the sales people ignored you or worse they tried to sell you something else. When a purchase is made at A Photographer’s Place you will know how to work it and I will always be there to help you.

After having been actively involved in the photographic retail field for over 37 years I have decided to redefine what a camera store should be.

Speaking to a salesman separated by a counter makes for a possible adversarial relationship. Removing that counter and replacing it with a  ”living room” setting relieves all of those tensions.

We  sell only the highest quality equipment from Alpa to Zeiss. Since there is no commission there is never any pressure to the customer.

Fair prices, product support and individual attention are our edge over the competition.

In addition, with the demise of photo labs I have built the best DIGITAL PHOTO LAB ON LONG ISLAND servicing a long list of professional and amateurs. A list can be provided upon  request.

There is no excuse for mediocrity,
Everything that comes from my lab is done by me and QC’d by me. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Michael L. Horowitz

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